About the program

If you need financial assistance to pay for energy bills or home heating repair, and live within Seattle city limits, Centerstone can help.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and Puget Sound Energy provide funding for grants that range from $25–$1,000. Availability begins in the fall of each calendar year and continues until funds are exhausted.


Are you eligible?

Program name: LIHEAP

  • Income guidelines: Must be at or below 125% of the federal poverty level (see income eligibility chart below)
  • Type of assistance: Electrcity, oil, natural gas, wood, propane, coal

Program name: Puget Sound Energy

  • Income guidelines: Must be at or below 150% of the federal poverty level (see income eligibility chart below)
  • Type of assistance: Natural gas only


1) Determine Your Service Area

You must live within one of the following Seattle zip codes in order to qualify for Energy Assistance through Centerstone. If you live within the following zip codes, please proceed to “Income Eligibility.”

98101 98102 98103 98104
98105 98106* 98107 98108
98109 98112 98115 98116
98117 98118 98121 98122
98125 98126 98133* 98134
98136 98144 98155 98177
98178* 98199

*Some residents of these zip codes may be served by other agencies if they are not within the Seattle City limits. If you are unsure if your home is located within our service area, please call our office (206-812-4940). If you do not live in any of these zip codes, you may be served by Multi-Service Center (south of Seattle) or Hopelink (north/east of Seattle). Please contact them for more information.


2) Determine Your Income Eligibility

Your household must have an average monthly income of following amounts or less for the previous three months in order to qualify for Energy Assistance. If your household income qualifies for Energy Assistance, please proceed to “Ways to Apply.”

Household Size LIHEAP (125% of the poverty line) PSE HELP (150% of the poverty line)
1 $1,238 $1,485
2 $1,669 $2,003
3 $2,100 $2,520
4 $2,531 $3,038
5 $2,963 $3,555
6 $3,394 $4,073
7 $3,826 $4,591
8 $4,259 $5,111
9 $4,693 $5,631
10 $5,126 $6,151


3) If you meet the above requirements you have several options for receiving help

  • Schedule an appointment by calling 206-486-6828 or by going to our online scheduler. New appointments are added on the first business day of the week (usually Mondays) at 8am. Please keep in mind that we serve nearly 10,000 households each year, all trying to receive help, so it may take several attempts before you can schedule an appointment.
  • Work with a partner organization to submit your application.*
  • If you are elderly or homebound only-call our front desk to be sent an application packet in the mail (206-812-4940) or email energyassistance@center-stone.org.*
  • If you are in an Emergency Situation (defined as receiving a 10 day shut-off notice, 24 hour shut-off notice, or are currently disconnected from your heating provider), please call Centerstone directly (206-812-4940). You will be advised to come into the office and pick up an “Emergency Packet.” You will need to make photocopies of all the required documents and will need to return them, with your completed Emergency Packet to Centerstone ASAP. We are unable to make photocopies for you, as you do not have an appointment.*

*Please note: Centerstone does not accept emailed or faxed applications. They must be mailed in or hand-delivered.

Once you have determined how you will apply, please proceed to “Required Documents.”


4) Gathering Documentation

You will need to bring the following documents to your appointment, or you will need to make photocopies of all of the following documents if you are mailing in your application, have an Emergency Packet, or are submitting it through a partner organization.

Social Security number verification for all household members. Clients who have never been issued a Social Security number may still apply.

  • Items that may include a Social Security number are:
    • Social Security card
    • Medical, legal, tax, or education documents that display your name and the full Social Security number

Photo IDs for all household members age 18 and over.

Verification of Income for all household members for the three months prior to your appointment (not including the month you apply)

  • Acceptable forms of income verification include:
    • Pay stubs for all three months
    • Award letters
    • Proof of TANF, ABD, SSI or Social Security
    • Unemployment printouts or stubs
    • Bank statements showing direct deposit
    • If you or someone in your household did not have income leading up to your appointment, you will need to request a “Declaration of No Income” statement from our office.

Current lease/rental agreement/rent receipt OR mortgage coupon/property tax statement.

Your current heating bill (typically Seattle City Light or Puget Sound Energy, or provide the name of your oil provider)

  • If your heat is included with rent, you will need to have the “Heat included with rent” form signed by your building manager. We will only accept applications for “Heat Included with Rent” residents starting in March 2014.

How to apply

To schedule an Energy Assistance appointment please call 206-486-6828 or visit our online scheduler.


Emergency Assistance

Facing immediate disconnection? Are you homebound?
If so, call 206-812-4940 or email energyassistance@center-stone.org.


Energy Assistance Program eligibility area

Energy Asstance program eligibilty map