Learn how to manage your money, stretch your dollars and reduce debt.

Centerstone provides Financial Education to improve self-sufficiency and support the creation of pathways of opportunity for people all around Seattle.

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About the program

Centerstone’s Financial Education Program goes beyond meeting basic needs to creating pathways of opportunity for people across Seattle.  The program addresses the financial struggles of those living in poverty in our community by providing them with the tools to stabilize their situation, educating them on managing their personal finances effectively, and helping them to reduce debt. This is a critical step in the process of helping families become more self-sufficient.


Are you eligible?

Centerstone’s Financial Coaching Program has been canceled for the upcoming 2017 program season. Financial Education programming is currently on hold until further notice.


For further assistance with financial coaching and/or financial education you can find more information at the below links or call 2-1-1:

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